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 A full guide for asc chi

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PostSubject: A full guide for asc chi   Tue Nov 16, 2010 3:29 pm

so i dug around and found alot of info, and collided it into 1 guide

all parts take place at ancient lands
entrance from kunlun, for 50g

Quote :
Everything is working as intended.
chi is traded from athan/human npc in anchient lands, for fighting confidence:

Fighting Confidence:
fighting confidence rewarded based on which monster you decide to kill. Higher monsters require you to pay additional gold to finish the quest. Athan and human have different monsters. Three times per day from Wanyoo (human and athan).

[ Athan npc is: Zoya (Athan NPC) at 27, 616]

[ Human npc is: Jaklo (Human NPC) at 17, -802]

[ Extra stuff npc is: Wanyoo (Human and Athan) at Bitter Sea 44, -140 up in the air ]

Stategies for tackling the higher tier monsters involved in the quest:
Some require high crit null, some require high critshield or defense. A balo is recommended in either case for their high critnull, critshield, defense, health, and immunity to criticals. Fuwa Jadeon is a great alternative.

hercul powerman will always critical so you need high defense or critshield
venom python normally hits 10-15k but crits over 1 million so you need high critnull
Fiend - any t5asc can tank it
Carlin - t5asc (need 15%crit null)

A party of at least 3 members who can all tank at least one boss is recommended so you can take turns tanking and still get the 3-times repeatable quest done. Athans and humans have different quests so they cant be done with each other. Some monsters can only be attacked by athans and some can only be attacked by humans.

a link to the original patch notes about this:

and 2 pics for extras:

another pic (too big):

Feat quests:(you need feat points + fighting confidence to get the chi)
1) 300 Feat per day from the daily red-colored Jaklo (human) or Zoya(athan) quests. One requires you to kill 5 Torturers or Clergy (high evasion and skill evasion but pet skills don't miss) while the other requires you to visit Fuxi statue / dragonhead mount.
2) 200 Feat per 100 gold leaves spent on buying that faction thingy thats golden colored from Jaklo (human)or Zoya(athan) and completing it.
3)The "Bear Guard" you need to kill is the Athan/human equivalent of the War Master that spawns when you finish one of Jaklo's/Zoya's or daily red quests. 10 of these per day is the limit.

Quote :

Bear guard only spawn when other race finish quest and base on the realm they do the quest.
If Athan finish quest in realm 9 the npc will spawn for human to kill in realm 9
If human finish quest in realm 4 the npc will spawn for Athan to kill in realm 4

(so better encourage other side to do it and do not PK them Razz or you will not get any NPC to kill for extra feat Razz)

4) 50 Feat per Essence Seal turned into Jaklo (human) Zoya (Athan). These are collected at a very very low rate from star souls. No limit on these.

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PostSubject: Re: A full guide for asc chi   Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:33 pm

Ah great!! Thank you lino
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A full guide for asc chi
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