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 Bloodsmelting Espers

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PostSubject: Bloodsmelting Espers   Thu May 19, 2011 5:39 am

Want to increase your Esper's power? Learn how to Bloodsmelt! Bloodsmelting has you to combine two Espers into a more powerful one, allowing you to give your Esper much higher stats than what it originally had. To begin learning this process, start off by selecting the Bloodsmelt option at Esper Mystic Shera.

There are three slots you need to be aware of, Primary (1), Secondary (2), and Medium (3).

1) The Esper you wish to improve (and keep) will go here.

2) The Esper you're going to sacrifice to increase your primary Esper's stats will go here.

3) Place the Medium that corresponds to your primary Esper here to allow the Bloodsmelting process to occur. Mediums can be obtained by trading Spirit Dust with Tonni (next to Tanis Ka in Sunstream) or Esper Mystic Shera (lowest level Medium). Spirit Dust can be obtained through your Treasure Chest or by completing Mystic Treasure Quests. Mediums can also be obtained by exchanging Treasure Bowls with Tonni.

Your Esper will have one of three qualities: Precious, Heavenly, and Divined. These are similar to a pet's "Grade", as in it shows generally what growth rate your Esper is. The higher the quality of the Esper you smelt, the more stats increase as it levels up.

Some of these Espers will have "orange stats", which dictates what stat will increase the fastest when improving your Esper.

If you want to change the "orange stat" your Esper has, find an Esper to place in the Secondary slot that has the orange stat you wish to use, and then use one of the following items: Best Dragon Skin (LV75+ Espers), Best Spirit Light (LV45 Espers), Best Yin-Yang Flag (LV15 Espers), or Best Wine Blood (Trigram). These can all be obtained at Tonni (next to Tanis Ka). To use an example in transferring an orange stat: your Primary Esper has no orange stats, and a Trigram has Weaken RES orange stat. If you want to start leveling up your Primary Esper's Weaken RES stat, simply Bloodsmelt them together with the orange stat Esper in the Secondary slot, and be sure to use one of the listed Medium Transfers.

You'll want to start off your Bloodsmelting by using Trigrams in the Secondary slot, as they are cheap and easy to obtain. You will need to use higher level Espers in the Secondary slot once it reaches its highest possible average of growth stats.

Good luck in your Esper improving endeavors!
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Bloodsmelting Espers
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