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 renown+ ally duty guide

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PostSubject: renown+ ally duty guide   Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:11 pm

1) Renown - Mystic Loyalty Roll
First I'll explain how to get the roll for those who don't know.
When your Renown is high enough, you can get a quest from Special Ops Agent in Sunstream, the quest is called "Renown X", this quest gives you Mystic Loyalty Roll X. (X is a number; 1,2,3... etc).

How can you get Renown?
Donate Provisions and/or Merit Incense to Alliance Master in Sunstream, your alliance will get Construction, and you get Renown.

How can you get Provisions and Merit Incense?
Provisions: They are dropped by mobs, or you can buy them from other players.
Merit Incense: You can get them by doing Mandatory Quests, from Yasho Invasion event, daily mistyc tome quest, squirrle event, win from lotto or buy from ppl in tr.

Loyalty scroll 1
Reown 100
Reward: Arcane Coin X1

Loyalty scroll 2
Reown 1500
Reward: Arcane Coin X2

Loyalty scroll 3
Reown 3000
Reward: Arcane Coin X3

Loyalty scroll 4
Reown 6000
Reward: Arcane Coin X4

Loyalty scroll 5
Reown 12000
Reward: Arcane Bullion X1

Loyalty scroll 6
Reown 24000
Reward: Arcane Bullion X1 +Arcane Coin X1

Loyalty scroll 7
Reown 48000
Reward: Arcane Bullion X1 +Arcane Coin X2

Loyalty scroll 8
Reown 96000
Reward: Arcane Bullion X2 +Arcane Coin X2

Loyalty scroll 9
Reown 192000
Reward: Arcane Bullion X3 +Arcane Coin X3

Loyalty scroll 10
Reown 384000
Reward: Arcane Bullion X4 +Arcane Coin X4

2) Endeavor - Hardworking Sweat
After getting the roll go to Alliance Master and take Endeavor quest. This quest consists of 4 parts, 2 of them are random, and the other 2 are mandatory. The sequence of the parts is random; it changes everytime you do the quest.

This is a list of the available random parts:
(*) Kill Zaaras Outcast (10) (Spawn in Zaaras Platform, Sunstream)
(*) Kill Furious Moaner (20) (Spawn in Righteous Moaner, Sunstream)
(*) Kill Swiftedges Captain (Spawn in Moontop Hollow, Jadeon)
(*) Kill Poisonwing Bats (??? need to correct) (Cave of Fangs)
(*) Kill 2 types of mobs in jadeon (??? need to correct)

Mandatory parts:
You will be asked to dig a Summoning Stone in Jadeon (406 -113), but that stone is surrounded by some monkeys that will agro you, so take someone with you and let him/her lure the monkeys, and you dig the stone which will summon a boss in sunstream.
After that go to Sunstream (25 -167) and kill the boss [Greedy Gnarrlio (Yinsho Cottage, Sunstream, (25 -167))], it will drop some crafting mats and provisions, so pick them up and get ready for another part or to submit quest.


3) Arcane Coins
After finishing all parts of Endeavor quest, go back to Alliance Master and submit the quest, he will give you a Hardworking Sweat as a reward.
Now you have Mystic Loyalty Roll and Hardworking Sweat, so go to Special Ops Agent and exchange them for Arcane Coins. The amount of Arcane Coins depends on X (the number next to the roll and next to Renown quest) which depends on your Renown (the higher your Renown, the more coins you get).

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renown+ ally duty guide
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