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 Crafting guide

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PostSubject: Crafting guide   Fri Aug 13, 2010 8:54 pm

Crafting is unlocked by completing a level 31 quest that automatically appears in the quest log upon reaching the proper level. Craftsman Tamasi in Sunstream City will instruct you to bring her 5 Copper Blocks. Upon completing the quest, you will be awarded with the "Craftsman" title, and you can then press the "O" key to open the crafting interface.
The crafting system enables players to create their own gear rather than purchasing it from NPC vendors. Gear is crafted out of a variety of crafting materials, which can be acquired by killing monsters, trading with other players, or vendors.
From level 45 onwards, it's expensive to purchase gears from NPC vendors. Therefore, crafting is a much cheaper way to acquire the gear you need.
Crafting recipes are grouped into levels that roughly correspond to the zone in which the player is expected to be using the gear. The armor are also gender-based, which means you need male-specific recipes for male characters and female-specific ones for female characters. Gear is also broken up by Faction.


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Crafting guide
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