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PostSubject: IMBUING   Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:00 pm


Imbuing is a process that allows you to add one type of stats to your gear.
Imbuing is like refining except that there is no risk of breaking the item you are working on. If imbuing an item fails, all imbued stats will be removed.
An individual item can only be imbued with one type of talisman at a time. For example, you cannot imbue your weapon with both attack and accuracy.
Each piece of your gear can be imbued with different talismans, if you would like, or you can stack one stat by imbuing each piece with the same type of talisman.
If you would like to change the type of imbue used on a piece of gear, you can remove it and start over with a different talisman.

There are 11 types of talismans:

Sharpness Talisman Attack Power +2
Shield Talisman Defense +1
Lifeblood Talisman Max Health +10
Spirit Talisman Max Spirit +10
Focus Talisman Accuracy +1
Windflying Talisman Evasion +1
Steadfast Talisman Stun Resistance +3
Vigilance Talisman Sleep Resistance +3
Unfettered Talisman Paralyze Resistance +3
Unwavering Talisman Weakness Resistance + 3
Tranquil Talisman Silence Resistance


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