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PostSubject: CHARITY   Sat Aug 14, 2010 8:35 am

In order for a player to gain Charity points, they must be LV90+, and be the leader of a Party. Within the Party, there must be at least one player who is LV75- (though it is possible for there to be multiple LV75- players within a Party which grant Charity points to the 90+ Party leader upon leveling up).
Every ten (10) levels, the amount of Charity awarded to the LV90+ character within the Party increases significantly.
It is not required that the players remain in a Party for this long, the LV90+ player will receive the same amount of Charity points regardless of the amount of time spent in a Party with the LV75- player.
Charity points may be exchanged at Nura and Tonni in Sunstream City for a items.
Players receive titles upon acquiring a certain number of Charity points.
They are also ranked within the Hall of Excellence.

more at :


Demon Blood--->NinthTail
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