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 Pet Skills quide

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PostSubject: Pet Skills quide   Wed Aug 25, 2010 8:40 pm

Pet Skills
All pets have skills that they can use. Most of these skills deal additional damage to the target, and many have additional effects, from decreasing the target's Attack Power to removing Bleed effects from the pet's master.
When your pet is summoned, a new action bar appears near your own. This is the pet's action bar, with all of its skills. You can either left-click on these skills to use them manually, or right-click on them to set them to auto-cast so that your pet will use them whenever they are available. If your pet runs out of Spirit, it will be unable to use skills, so make sure you have plenty of points left on your pet's remedy battery.
Signature Skills cost 25 Spirit at Rank 1, 50 Spirit at Rank 2, and 75 Spirit at Rank 3. All other pet skills cost 15 Spirit at Rank 1, and increase in cost by 5 Spirit per Rank.

Learning and Upgrading Pet Skills

When a pet is first tamed, it will know a random number of skills. Its first skill is determined entirely by its Star Sign. A pet can have up to four additional skills, each of which can either be for its Star Sign or one of the common skills available to all Star Signs.
If you would like to change what skills your pet knows, you can train it with a Pet Skill Jade that corresponds to the skill you would like to learn. These items can be found inside random mystery packs sold by the Pet Tamer (for example, the Arborik Mystery item will give you a random skill jade for any Arborik or Common skill). Training your pet with one of these items will replace one of its existing skills at random.
If you find a very rare and valuable item called the Snowland Ginseng, which is the first prize in the Ancestral Chest sold by the Sky Dweller, you can use it as an auxiliary material while training your pet with a skill jade in order to learn that skill in addition to its existing skills. Only one additional skill can be trained to a pet in this way.
If you train your pet with a skill jade for a skill that it already knows, that skill will increase in rank and become more powerful. Totto's skill jades can only increase a skill's rank up to 31. Past that point, you will need to trade the rare History of Domestication, which is the second prize in the Ancestral Chest sold by the Sky Dweller, to Pet Tamer Lonno in Sunstream in exchange for higher grade skill jades that can increase a skill up to rank 61.
In addition to using skill jades, your pet's skills are also increased in rank by its Specialty. Every skill is enhanced by one specialty. A main specialty (marked with a sun on your pet's Stats sheet) increases the rank of all associated skills by 30, while a sub-specialty (marked with a moon) increases the rank of all associated skills by 10. This is on top of the ranks gained by skill jades, so a skill that is your pet's main specialty can be increased to a maximum of 91, and a skill that is your pet's sub-specialty can be increased to a maximum of 71.
Pet skills will gain additional benefits upon reaching Rank 30, 60, and 90, so having your pet's main specialty match its skills is very important. If your pet's specialty does not match its skills, you can change your pet's specialty with an item called a Specialty Potion.

Signature Skills

Each pet is guaranteed to have the Signature Skill that corresponds to its Star Sign. These skills only have three ranks, and are not influenced by any Specialty or pet skill jades. They start out at Rank 1, increase to Rank 2 when your pet reaches Level 75, and increases to Rank 3 when your pet reaches Level 150.


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Pet Skills quide
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